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I’m Wrong

November 21, 2012

I’m wrong.

Not 100% wrong.

But still, quite wrong.

And that’s the danger and fear I have with blogging. Because five years from now I’ll read my blog and go “Wow, that guy was SOOOOO WRONG!”

It’s kind of scary. For example, look at elections. This is a common occurance:

Reporter: Mr. In-His-Late-Sixties Politician, you posted on your blog when you were twenty that cats are better than dogs. HOW DARE YOU YOU EVIL EVIL MAN!!!

Politician: Uh…

<career over>

Twenty years from now what am I going to be held accountable for saying? I know when I applied for my current pastor position my online dealings were brought into consideration.

So, I just want to state this fact: I’m often wrong. Maybe I’ll say something and you’ll go “Pffffft! Canadians who live in NZ are the very definition of WRONG!!!!” I guess that’s ok, but if I’m wrong, please know that I would rather not be wrong. I’m one of those people who, when my fly is open, wants to know about it so that I don’t go the rest of the day with a wide open fly.

So feel free to tell me my fly is open, but please do it gently 🙂

And realize, that I’m not 100% wrong either (I hope!) 😉

Let’s find truth together!


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