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Kim Jong-Un, Psy, & Guinevere

April 15, 2013

A lot has changed since my last blog post.

First, North Korea’s younger-than-me leader, Kim Jong-Un, has decided that being crazy isn’t crazy.

Kim Jong Un

Second, in South Korea, K-pop and world sensation Psy has released his new single “Gentleman.” And while catchy, it is catchy for pretty much all the wrong reasons. But what should we expect from a mother-father gentleman?


Korea seems to be the happening place right now.

But third, and most importantly (to me), I have a new daughter! Her name is Guinevere Elsie Johanna Maney (Johanna is pronounced the German way, beginning with the ‘Yo’ sound).


Not going to lie: I think she is cuter than the two guys above.

And you know what’s even more amazing? That while the two Koreans above clearly have made a much bigger impact on the world’s consciousness than my little girl here has, this little girl means the world to me.

And all I can say to that is “thank you God for this beautiful bundle of joy!”


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