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My Wonderful Stateless Child

September 21, 2013


Parents like to brag about their kids. My kid got an ‘A’ on this, or my kid scored the winning goal here, or my kid discovered the secret to cold fusion, blah blah blah. Well good job parent, your kid discovered the secret to all our energy problems. They got nothing on my youngest daughter.

See, currently, my youngest daughter is stateless.

You’re not falling down in pure awe you say? Well, let me explain what I mean.

My daughter was born here in New Zealand. That’s where things get interesting. New Zealand has a policy where one of your parents has to be a permanent resident or citizen for you to be entitled to citizenship at birth (Charlotte and I are neither). That’s fair. Most nations are like that. But because my daughter was born in NZ, and not in Canada, she doesn’t automatically get Canadian citizenship either because Canada has no idea she exists. Now, she’s entitled to Canadian citizenship because her mummy and daddy are Canadians, but as I said earlier, Canada doesn’t know she exists.

So my daughter has a NZ birth certificate that doesn’t give her NZ citizenship, and she doesn’t have Canadian citizenship, which means my daughter isn’t attached to any state aka she’s stateless! She is Tom Hanks in Steven Spielberg’s The Terminal. That’s how amazing she is.

So you can go on bragging how your child went to the moon, or graduated with two different double major degrees from Harvard and Oxford concurrently, or discovered how to travel back in time, or whatever. My 5-month old daughter would make any airport or border control area go CRAZY.


One Proud Parent


Yes, we have applied for her Canadian Citizenship 🙂


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