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Lollipops and the Hitler Youth

November 18, 2013

So the other day my children went to a birthday party at a place called Lollipops. Looks like a fun centre for kids right? Great place to let your kids burn some of that excessive energy while making memories that last a lifetime? Or maybe the first steps towards becoming young members of the Hitler Youth?

Huh!?!? The Hitler Youth? Where would one get that idea!

Well, Lollipops helps prepare goodie bags/party favours for the people holding the party. In this case they made little girl bags and little boy bags. My son got the little boy bag. And in it was this collection of sticker tattoos:


Let’s ignore the super evil scary looking skulls that probably aren’t suited for two year olds. Hey, we just had Halloween, so we can give the skulls a pass. But let’s look closer here:

Nazi Sticker  03

Now just for a moment ignore the half naked lady on a skull tattoo for two year olds and take a look at the three faced creature thing with swastikas coming out of two of its mouths. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!?! Really Lollipops? For little children?

Now maybe you’re thinking, <obligatory surfer voice> “Hey man, Hitler’s Swastikas, are like, you know, orientated the other way. Maybe this is like, you know, the nice Swastikas from some nice Indian religion.” Not sure which nice Indian religion has a three faced Swastika spewing creature surrounded by a half naked woman on a skull, creepy Gacy clown, and demon looking skulls but hey, I’m not an expert in all of India’s religions so who knows.

Fortunately, my wife saw the tattoos before my son, so we were able to quietly remove them from the bag. Not sure what Lollipops was thinking when they purchased these sticker tattoos. On the positive side, they definitely helped create a memory that will last a lifetime. 😀


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One Comment
  1. I would be quietly letting them know that they need to censor their goody bags a little better!!! I wouldn’t find these stickers appropriate for any kid who would be a candidate for a party at Lollipops!!!

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