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City Club

April 1, 2014

Loving one another

Today I did something incredibly game changing. Simple in its premise, but pregnant in its implications. I attended what is currently called around these parts, City Club.

What is City Club you may ask? Imagine this conversation:

Bob: Imagine the greatest possible event.

John: Why?

Bob: Because it would be great for this conversation if you did so.

John: Why?

Bob: Just do it.

John: What?

Bob: Imagine the greatest possible event.

John: Ok. Want to know what it was?

Bob: Why?

John: Uh…

Bob: Not important. Ok, now that you have imagined that event, City Club is twice as amazing, with the added bonus of having a cherry on top surrounded by a rainbow and lollipops.

John: Not possible.

Bob: Not only possible, actual.

Ok, so what is City Club? It’s members of my church who work in the city, coming together in the city, during lunch. And what are we doing? We are doing the modern version of breaking bread together. Enjoying each others company for no other reason than to enjoy each others company.

In other words, being a community. And at the end of the day, that’s what I’m about as a pastor. Community. Together. Centered on Christ’s vision of a better world where enemies are loved, friends are trusted, and food is plentiful.





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