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What if Planet of the Apes Were True?

July 17, 2014


What if Dawn of the Planet of the Apes were true? What would that mean for Christianity? To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. But it is interesting to ponder.

Would it be definitive evidence that Christianity is false? I don’t think so. But would the few people who were left after a disease wipes out most of humanity think it was definitive evidence that Christianity is false? That’s a real strong possibility.

What would it mean for the Apes who now arguably also seem to have the image of God? They are fully sentient, conscious, beings who now at the very least hold equal dominion over the earth (of course, “image of God” is such a debated term that this question might not even be able to be properly asked). Would Christians start evangelising the Apes? And what would that mean for Apes which had not quite made the jump to full sentience?

Would religion even exist in such a world? I have a strong inclination that it would. It seems to be an essential part of human nature. But would it look anything like we have now? Don’t know.

And what about the peace teachings of Jesus? Would they apply to a sentient Ape who was trying to kill you and possibly the whole human race? I think just war theorists would have a much easier time hashing this question out than those of us in the Christian pacifism tradition.

But maybe the eschaton/end of time would be ushered in before anything like DotPotA could happen? But why think that? I can’t think of any conclusive reason why that should be the case.

Anyway, I really have no idea what would happen. But it sure is an interesting question to ponder. Oh, and the movie is pretty good to 😉


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  1. Are you a pacifist?

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