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Who should you vote for in the upcoming NZ election?

September 13, 2014


So, the national election is coming here in NZ and everyone is really starting to ask: “Who should I vote for?”

Unless you’re me. Because I can’t vote. This is actually the third election that I haven’t be able to vote in due to my immigration status. And in a lot of ways this has been a blessing in disguise.

Yay, I don’t have to offend people!

Or can I?

Yes, I imagine I could. I could write a nice long (or short!) piece about why you need to vote for X because Y is of Satan, and Z is the Antichrist, and A is a big ol’ hole in the ground, and besides, X marks the spot anyway.

But I won’t. Rather, all I can really recommend is this: Take the time to sympathetically read and understand X, Y, Z, A’s and any other letter in the alphabet’s platform, especially those of which you prima facie disagree with. Remember, you are electing a government to take care of 4.5 million people, a $188 billion economy, and a geographic area of 268,021 km². Seems like a pretty important decision to me.

So why not take more than 5 minutes and two online quizzes before casting that vote.

You are voting….right? 😉


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